123 Petits Pas Inc.

Families learning French together through fun!

123 Petits Pas offers a variety of online French programs, products, and workshops for parents and young children (ages 0 – 9 years). We aim to provide our participants with a fun French environment while offering parents the opportunity to take part in their child’s first little steps towards bilingualism.

Through music, movement, and engaging activities, we ensure that both parent and child enjoy themselves while learning useful French vocabulary that can then be used at home on a daily basis. Find out more about our classes. 


Q Do I need to speak French to attend your programs or workshops?

No! In fact, our programs are geared towards helping parents who have little to no French abilities in order to ensure their little ones the opportunity for French language exposure.

Q Can I attend your programs & workshops as a Bilingual and/or Francophone?

Of course! Although you may not be learning the vocabulary yourself, your child will still benefit from participating in our French songs and activities as it’s of utmost importance that they realize French is spoken within their community as well. Please note that we do provide translations and explanations for English-speaking parents where needed.