Experience total wellness at exhālō, the spa & salon that feeds your soul.

Enjoy Halotherapy (dry salt therapy) in our salt room with seating for six, luxurious organic Spa treatments along with waxing & sugaring services in our three treatment rooms, four pedicure and three manicure stations to suit group parties or individuals, full Makeup artistry services and professional WELLA hair care & colour services all within the warm and relaxing environment at exhālō.

Simply exhale… we’ve got you.

The word exhālō is a unique creation and intentional play on the words exhale and halotherapy.

Our carefully chosen mandala logo centers and calms the mind, and features the throat chakra symbol known as the center of purification, as this is where energy becomes transformed. The throat chakra not only relates to the respiratory system, but is considered the voice of the body.

The vivid tones of blue were best represent this fifth chakra and first of the higher or spiritual chakras, and were inspired by colours of both the sea and air.

Whether your taking in a healthy salt filled breath in our Halotherapy room, relishing in the power of human touch through our wonderful spa treatments or expressing yourself through a new and exciting hair design, as you exhale allow your mind and body to simply let go… we’ve got you.