LYF101 Private Studio

LYF101 Limited

We believe that healthy living is more than just physical. Mental health, goal setting, habitual living, and emotional strength all play huge roles in changing yourself. We offer expert advice and tools to create long-lasting change. At LYF101 you will be supported, celebrated, and receive education as you grow towards your own version of a healthy lifestyle.


Q What makes you stand out from other facilites?

We are focused on a holistic approach to healthy living. With nearly a decade of schooling and hands-on experience, we have learned that keeping the body strong, pain-free and creating healthy eating habits are a great starting point for health and wellness. But as science and time progress, we uncover new pieces to the puzzle. Through trial and error, celebrating failure, and embracing success, we will help you find your personal recipe for healthy living. Bringing together a culmination of ideas and studies from the fitness industry alongside mental toughness techniques, we give you the edge you need to succeed. This all in a neat, tidy package easily followed by you.