Make Shifts Happen Nutrition Coaching


Nutrition coaching, meal plans, lifestyle support.

Performance Nutrition is for the executive looking to have more energy and show up in their business, the athlete working on leveling up their game and the high performer that wants to optimize the way that they live.

Performance Nutrition drives results.

Make Shifts Happen addresses the root cause and uses actions to make habits stick.

If you are a high performer looking to achieve your best— whether that is physical, cognitive or professional you are in the right place.


Q What can i expect working with you?

Your initial consultation is the GAME CHANGER. You will receive information on your organ system imbalances and a food log, lifestyle and supplement evaluation. After our first meeting you will have a plan and necessary next steps.
Each clients journey is different based on their biochemical differences and throughout your journey you will recieve easy to follow protocols, recipes, resources and support.